I’m so excited!

Welcome to A Vibrant Life!

Webster’s Dictionary defines vibrate as:

“moving to and fro rapidly.”  Wow!  That pretty much sums up my life.  Ever feel like life is spinning so fast – you are just waiting for that moment to stop and catch you breath?  Surely it has to all slow down sometime.  I hope you will be able to do that here.  Come back and visit me each day for a chance to breathe.  Inhale.  Exhale.  Just a few moments to turn the world off and learn something new, share an encouraging thought, or find an idea to live and enjoy your life an a more simple fashion.  I hope to share with you my love of all things simple and easy, my passion for reading and the power of the written word, my pure fascination with nature,the joy that using essential oils has brought me, and the love I share with my family as I cook a meal to warm their hearts and tummies.

Hope you will come again to visit and say, “Hello.”

God Bless,